About Me

Hola, Amanda here. I was born and raised in a small town in rural Central Ontario. I now live the west coast life in BC with my Hubby, Cameron and fur baby, Onyx. Cam and I have been married 3 years in July, and began dating 5 years ago in October.

I am 26 going on 60. I love staying at home, watching some Netflix and having some whisky. Country music is my genre of choice, mostly because this was all my mom listened to when I was growing up. I love everything hockey (Go Sharks Go!), and like all sports (even though I don’t understand them all).

I am working towards my Bachelors in Education, Adult Education with Brock University while working full-time for LifeLabs. I am a Medical Lab Technician and have moved around progressively through the company for the past 6 years. I have most recently moved into the role of Training & Education Coordinator for Client Services in the Lower Mainland, BC. I love all things science, gruesome, gory, forensic! I also love training others and helping them to continue their education and learn new skills. If I wasn’t in healthcare I would most likely be a florist (lifelong dream!).

I love to document my life through Instagram, mostly, so feel free to follow along (settingsaylor). Pictures are literal life. I always say, when I’m old and can’t remember anything I will have all of these pictures to look back on and remind me of my story, our story.

My fur baby, Onyx, is a tricolour blue eyed lab husky cross. Yes, she is as cute  as she sounds. My family has had dogs since I was a wee one, so naturally when I was out my own with my boyfriend (now Hubby) we brought our girl home. Cuddles with her can fix almost anything.

I am super stoked to be living on the west coast now because mountains have become my “happy place” and there isn’t really any in Ontario. There is so much that I want to see and learn to do out here! I’ve been telling my Hubby that he could teach me to snowboard since we first starting dating…..5 years ago, so that is on the list of things to learn. I want to do  a lot, and I mean a lot of hiking out here.

I love to travel and experience new people and places, so there are a few road trips on the brain; Seattle, drive down to California on the coast, Alaska maybe. Also, seeing as it is way cheaper to fly from here to certain destinations (Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, etc.) there are a lot on the bucket list!

I am a pretty fantastic Auntie to my Brother’s 3 boys (Chase or Chaser, Carter or Carts my farts & Cole, or all 3 are known as my little bean burritos), and my Sister/Brother-in-Laws 1 boy (Nash or Nashpotatoe or God Son).

I am a very independent person, but one of the most loving and caring people you will ever meet. I am definitely a little bit of an introvert…ok…you caught me…I am a BIG introvert. BUT that doesn’t stop me from being weird and awesome.

Well it seems I have rambled on quite a bit, so I will be quiet for now, maybe there will be more to come?!

Until then,




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